YouTube Rewind Best Live TV News Bloopers 2016 | News Be Funny Videos 2016 #YouTubeRewind

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YouTube Rewind Best Live TV News Bloopers 2016 #YouTubeRewind

A YouTube Rewind 2016 compilation of the best news bloopers, funny fails, funniest news interviews caught on live tv in this year!

YouTube Rewind Best Live TV News Bloopers 2016 #YouTubeRewind was produced by News BE Funny Videos.

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'Check your panties' Anchorman funny moment 0:00
Aussie "I'm good from behind" 0:11
Reporter loses it during on-air tussle with angry alligator 0:24
Salad company owner offers to toss anchor's salad 0:38
News anchor screams like a child after coming face-to-face with a snake 0:57
Frisky giraffe distracts reporter during live report 1:21
Weather man ruins 'Pet of the Week' segment with savage joke 1:46
Re-cue the Wang Swang walking handstand 2:22
Try not to laugh at beavers 3:00
Weather girl Yanet Garcia is lost on the set 3:48
L.A. meteorologist offered sweater to cover dress on live TV 4:01
Water spout is 'subtle as a sledgehammer' 4:17
Liberté Chan wardrobe fail blends into 'green screen' 4:43
Windows 10 Update interrupts weather report 5:10
Louise Lear giggles uncontrollably during live BBC weather broadcast 5:40
I dropped my hot pocket 6:36
Man's hilarious response to Powerball lottery question 6:49
11-year-old protects home against intruder 7:09
Michelle Dobyne - NOT TODAY! It's Poppin! Casa Linda Apartments Interview 7:35
Devon gives the most chill interview ever caught on live tv 8:06
Redneck crash leads to bee attack 8:46
Live tv awkward sand sculpting blooper 9:29
What could POSSIBLY go wrong when news anchor doodles on live TV…? 10:02
Hilary Barry cracks up during the news 11:14
Try not to laugh at goat man 12:20
TV Reporter accidentally ruins martial arts master demo 13:19
Funny horse loves reporter 14:38

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